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Shredded paper, flour and glue. This is the basic recipe for papier mache. In the first course I did, the dough was made with toilet paper, after soaking the rolls it was just unraveling by hand and the fine texture of the paper made a homogeneous dough that was easy to work. But the grace of the technique for me is the possibility of recycling a material destined for waste, so I started experimenting with bond paper (used, of course), cardboard and whatever else I can save from disposal.

I created my recipe, I use, in addition to glue and flour, a little spackle and modesty in broad beans is the best papier-mâché dough I've ever used.

In addition to the dough, I also use torn paper and glue, which some call papietagem.  

Over time I developed my technique and creation, to escape the toy face that you see a lot out there. I like  bring a more sculptural touch, without getting too far from play.

My line of hand sculptures are among my favorites. At the same time that they bring poetry, they serve as a jewelry box or a unique decorative object.

Giving a use to the pieces is also something that fascinates me. I bring a little beauty to everyday objects or invent ways to make us relate to art and our desires, such as the thought houses, an interactive work that keeps notes that will never be read, a way to stop, think and play for the universe.  

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