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I was born in 1974, in Teresópolis a mountain retreat in Rio de Janeiro

    My mother is from Argentina, my father is from Minas Gerais, they met when on a trip to Rio she was hitchhiking and he stopped. It was love at first sight.

    Once a year my parents would gather their four children, three girls (I'm the middle one) and a boy, and travel around the country or the continent. It was a decade of camping, until they bought a beachfront apartment in Arraial do Cabo. 

    I don't eat meat, fish or eggs. I love pizza, empanadas, salad and wine! 

    When I was 15 I lived in a trailer home in Dodge City, KS. I graduated from high school and my curriculum included fashion, arts and public speaking (witch I'm terrible at!).

The love and generosity of my host parents inspirens me. 

I'm really scared of cockroaches and heights.

    I believe in hard work, adulting is not easy, but you gotta get the job done. 

    I was 18 when me and my husband stardet dating. I dropped out of  Fine Arts to live with him, we have two boys (and a dog).  In 2002 we moved to São Paulo, built an industry and worked together for 28 years. This year I will retire and dedicate my time to art!

Places I want to live: Mendoza or Buenos Aires in Argentina, any city in Tuscany in Italy,  Colorado Springs in the US and Cascais in Portugal. You never know...

    I could watch Girlmore Girls and Pretty in Pink once a year, The Doors is my favorite band, my Playlist goes from samba to Beethoven. If a new Isabel Allende book comes out I buy it, I've been reading and watching Jordan Peterson and Tolstoi is always on my night stand.  I have poetry throughou the house.

As the world worried about the onset of the pandemic, I was beginning to face menopause. It became my main subject, so sorry for those who have to bare with me!

    If I sneeze I say bless you, thank you and you're welcome to myself

    My favorite artist: Klimt  

I love the work of Beatriz Milhazes and Isabelle Tuchband. Please don't get mad but I don't like Frida Kahlo or Picasso's cubist phase.

    In 2001 we (my husband and I) were robbed and  held at gunpoint, I still feel the weight of the barrel on my head

I am a Flamengo fan  e Zico is king!

    I like organizing, cleaning, tidying closets, moving furniture. And I'm always planning the next house improvement .

  Beauty is essential, cleanliness too. You know a person from the outside in. We are visual (and judmental) beings and presentation is key. 

    I'm an introvert. I'm good around people, I love a great conversationt, but I need a lot of time alone.

  It's very rare for me to not like someone. I have few good friends, my best conversations are with my parents and siblings and at the top of the pyramid are my two boys: the reason I wake up everyday (corny, I know)! 

I turn off my cell phone at 7pm

I prefer cloudy days



      My work is feminine, colorful and linked to nature.

      I see art as a way to bring beauty, transform an environment and last  generations.

      On the canvas I mix acrylic, oil, crayons and whatever else is handy or inspire me. I like to see how differents medias interact and surprise me.

      On paper I use watercolors and gouache to portray my fantasy world, flowers and ladies that pop into my mind and come to life on paper.

      A tenage passion is papier-mâché, the possibility of turning trash into art is pure power! From a cardboard box or a pamphlet received at the signal, I can bring out a sculpture, a decorative object and even a small treasure, something with meaning that will be saved for the rest of my life.   

      My most recent discovery was sewing and patchwork, yet another female art. And from the desire to make patterns and maybe a book,  I discovered digital art. Today I share my creativity between canvas, paper, fabric and computer

       I'm always curious, experimenting and inventing. I"m a maker who enjoys the whole process.  

      Art is meditation, art is beauty and art saves!



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